About Us

We are Hope Spring Water, a small international development charity, based in Herefordshire, England. We work with developing communities, in sub Saharan Africa in area of clean water access, adequate sanitation and hygiene.
We have helped thousands of people to access clean, safe drinking water. With our supporters, we hope to help thousands more every year.

Press releases

Digital Eid Adha eCards Released by Water Charity

Water and period poverty alleviation website, Hope Spring , today announced the launch of a new set of ecards for Eid Al-Adha greetings. The... read more

07.07.2022 • By Hope Spring Water

Rosie from Ross-On-Wye joins water and period poverty alleviation efforts

Rosie Bornoff, a 17-year old teenager from Ross-On-Wye and an undergraduate at the University of Exeter, has volunteered with Hope Spring to help... read more

22.06.2022 • By Hope Spring Water

Charity announces funny Father’s Day eCards

Charity eCard platform Hope Spring announced the launch of its Father's Day greetings card on Friday, the 9th of June. In a post on their Twitter... read more

10.06.2022 • By Hope Spring Water

Man ran 100th half marathon to raise funds for water poverty alleviation

Ewyard Harold-Herefordshire based long distance runner, Richard Evans ran Hereford half marathon on the Sunday 8th May, 2022 to raise funds for... read more

06.06.2022 • By Hope Spring Water

Hayley Deaner raises over £2,000 for period poverty alleviation in Nigeria

North London based mental health advisor, Hayley Deaner, has raised over £2,000 for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene charity Hope Spring by getting... read more

11.04.2022 • By Hope Spring Water

Valentine’s Day Charity Video eCards Announced by Hope Spring

If you are sending Valentine's Day greetings to a special person in your life this year, why not send a video ecard greeting instead of a static... read more

11.02.2022 • By Hope Spring Water

Clean water projects for 4th quarter of 2021 announced by Hope Spring

Water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring announce the three new clean water projects they will be working on in the final quarter of 2021.... read more

13.09.2021 • By Hope Spring Water

Turning a trickle into a torrent

Hope Spring Water is a small UK-based charity with a clear mission. Its team of volunteers working across West Africa has coordinated dozens... read more

11.05.2021 • By Hope Spring Water

Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak Charity eCards Launched by Hope Spring

Greetings cards to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, was launch by water poverty alleviation advocacy charity, Hope Spring... read more

11.05.2021 • By Hope Spring Water

Ramadan dua eCards launched by Hope Spring

Water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring launched thirty sets of charity ecards , called Ramadan dua ecards today, the 28th of April. The... read more

28.04.2021 • By Hope Spring Water

Mother’s Day 2021 Charity eCard Collection Announced

Water Poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring today announced the launch of their  Mother’s Day charity ecard collection. The collection is... read more

11.03.2021 • By Hope Spring Water

A picture is worth a thousand words -  Valentine’s Day video eCard is...

Clean water advocacy charity Hope Spring, have launched a range of Valentine’s Day video eCard as part of their 2021 fundraising campaign. The... read more

11.02.2021 • By Hope Spring Water

Say Merry Christmas with a Charity Video eCard  and Give the Gift of...

Pre-COVID most people meet up with their loved one for Christmas celebration, others send greetings through different mediums, particularly... read more

08.12.2020 • By Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring Launches ‘Donate Your Birthday’ Fundraising Campaign

If your birthday falls between August and December in 2020, you could participate in Hereford based charity, Hope Spring Water donate your... read more

22.07.2020 • By Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring Ecards Releases Exciting New Father’s Day eCards

Fathers are more than just parents as they often serve as role models to their children. As part of the goal of Hope Spring eCards to help... read more

10.06.2020 • By Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring Joins the 2.6 Charity Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has left a significant hole in the finances of UK charities. The effect of the cancellation of thousands of events and the... read more

21.04.2020 • By Hope Spring Water

Charity saw significant increase in eCard platform use on Mother’s Day

A small poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring Water experienced more than four fold increase in it's Mother’s Day ecard sales, on mothering... read more

24.03.2020 • By Hope Spring Water

Say merry Christmas with Hope Spring charity card

With Christmas being a time of giving, Hope Spring Water charity is encouraging people to send an ecard this winter and donate the money they... read more

13.12.2019 • By Hope Spring Water

Pensioner organised coffee morning in aid of Hope Spring

Hazel McCall, a member of the Hereford and district branch of Soroptimist International, recently organised a coffee morning and a raffle, to... read more

11.11.2019 • By Hope Spring Water

Herbfarmacy donates to Hope Spring Water Project

Herefordshire based ethical skin care company Herbfarmacy has donated £250 to Hope Spring Water charity . The donation was made in support of... read more

01.07.2019 • By Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring Launches T-Shirt Website to Boost Fundraising

International development charity, Hope Spring launched a new website, called Hope Spring Tee on Wednesday the 28th of May 2019. The website... read more

29.05.2019 • By Hope Spring Water

Plant Sale in Aid of Hope Spring Raised £800

A community plant sale and coffee morning, organised in aid of Hope Spring Water on the 11th of May 2019, raised over £800. The event took... read more

14.05.2019 • By Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring water charity announces new christmas eCards for 2018

Water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring has announce the launch of its new charity Christmas card for 2018. The international development... read more

18.12.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

​ International steeplechase record holder to run a Marathon in aid of...

Ecuador’s reigning 3,000 meters’ steeplechase champion, and accomplished long distance runner Cristian Patiño, is to run a Marathon in aid of Hope... read more

05.10.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

Run for fun and to support Hope Spring at Queenswood

With the kids back at school it can be difficult to maintain your family's activity levels. The Hope Spring Fun Run at Queenswood will provide... read more

19.09.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

Intrepid Waveney mums embark on 3-mile water trek for African children

A GROUP of four mums and their children are to walk three miles while carrying up to 30 litres of water in a charity event aimed to alleviate... read more

30.07.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

Water charity launches crowdfunding campaign to build a borehole for...

Herefordshire-based clean water charity Hope Spring launched a crowdfunding campaign today with the aim of raising £500 to build a borehole for... read more

20.06.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

Community coffee morning raises funds for a new borehole project

A Community fundraising coffee morning, organised by Peter and Chris Dowsett of Little Birch, Herefordshire has raised more than £900 for a... read more

23.05.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

St Michael's Church Worcester raises £504 for clean water project in Africa

St Michael's church in Dines Green area of Worcester, has raised the sum of £504 for Herefordshire based clean water charity, Hope Spring.... read more

08.05.2018 • By Hope Spring Water

Sunny weather marks Hope Spring Fun Run at Queenswood

Slightly warm, autumnal weather marked the first Hope Spring 5K Fun Run at Queenswood Country Park, Dinmore Hill in Herefordshire last Saturday... read more

18.10.2017 • By Hope Spring Water